Ms.Maristella, Thank you for everything you have done for me. I appreciate everything you have done. No one has such a bigger heart than you do. You really made my prom special and made me feel different as a person. I really struggled as a person in my confidence of how I looked and feel about myself but everything you put me through I never felt so good about myself and proud, I never felt so good and loved about my body. So thank you so much for everything you've done for me and for everyone else at BAA and people in Boston and past and future students. Ms.Maristela you are the most amazing beautiful amazing person I ever met thank you so much love you lots!.
Dianee Thai
B.A.A High School
Thank you for all that you did for us and continue to do for the people to come. Very few people are willing to do what you do and that shows how big your heart is
My experience with Giving The Glam was great from beginning til end.
They are very genuine and always wanted the best for me.
I felt very comfortable because they are so friendly, patient, and have the best fashion taste!
Always so generous, thank you so much.
Melrose HS - 2018
Hello Giving The Glam,
I want to take this time to say thank you to Maristela and her team. I truly appreciate the time you spent explaining which tuxedo I look great with. Your hospitality was something amazing.
I am so blessed to know someone like you who cares bout others. I had the best experience of my life of being among one of the pupils who got selected for the Glam.
I am also thankful for everything you did for me and I will always going to keep you in my mind.
Sincerely Hassan.
BINCA - 2018
The most rememberable day ever. I never felt so happy and special as much as today May 24, 2018. And thank you to the most incredible woman who make me feel so special and beautiful for my prom and birthday.
Abebech Bekele
BINCA - 2018
Dear Maristela, I want to thank you for your time and your wonderful energy. I felt so excited when we met to go to the store and buy my shoes and accessories. I had a most wonderful day. That lunch was both exquisite and fun. God bless you and your team and I hope that you can continue to provide this amazing life changing experience to many more students.
Gusmeidys Valdez
BINCA - 2018
Giving The Glam gave me a great experience to look great on my prom night with the amazing tux. And the staff during that afternoon to help prepare was a great help. Wish I could do it all over again!
Jahvon Williams
New Mission - 2018
Prom night was the best nigth of my life.
Thank you Giving The Glam.
Zhania Allengoode
Tech Boston - 2018
Shout out to Giving The Glam and Maristela Rapo for giving me and my peers a once in a life time prom experience! Not only did I feel beautiful but also confident! Her staff are just the most amazing people and I will never forget what they have done for me.
Gemeisha James
Tech Boston - 2018
Thank you so much Giving The Glam for making my prom day so magical I truly appreciate it. I am super happy and blessed that I had this opportunity with you guys. Thank you.
Christiana Brown
Tech Boston - 2018
I am writing to express my gratitude for this amazing opportunity you had given me. I appreciate the opportunity to be profiled in your organization you have worked so hard for, not only as an high school student, but as an immigrant too. Also, it is because of you I was able to go to prom, because I was already said I was not going, because I couldn’t afford it myself. Furthermore, this experience is something I will cherish for the rest of my life, and I will tell my own children about me be apart of Mrs. Rapo organization was the best thing that have ever happened to me in so many ways. Thank you so much!
Merline Mathieu
BINCA - 2017
Since I was little my mom always taught me to say thank you when someone did something for you. Now, I feel it’s the smallest word I can say when someone like you Maristela have done the fullest for me. They are no words to express how special you are to me. You have treated me like your daughter since the first day we met till the end. I am thankful for the giving the glam team because you guys I’ve made my dream a reality. I enjoyed every single second of that night. I can’t pay back for all of your gratitude towards me but I want you to know that you are in my heart and I will always remember this moment.
Whitney Clervil​
BINCA - 2017
I want to thank Mrs. Rapo and the Giving the Glam team for everything they’ve done for me. Because of them, I am more confident about myself than I was before. They made my first prom a magical night that I will cherish forever. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I had when I was being interviewed about my experience with the Giving the Glam which was an extraordinary experience for me. There is not enough word in the dictionary or anywhere else to describe how amazing and generous you are Ms Rapo I don’t think I could ever forget you or even have enough word to thank you for the opportunity that you gave us, for helping us being different, for helping us boost our confidence and also for always remind us that we are strong immigrants women. Thank you for everything. God Bless you, you Family and your Team.
Tracy Philippe
BINCA - 2017
I have 3 days thinking in what words should I put in this letter because a “Thank You” is not enough and “Happy” is a word too small to describe how I feel. You give without waiting for anything back and that make you the most amazing person. I will remember May 25, 2017 as the day that a wonderful woman taught me how create experiences that no one will forget for the rest of their life. You’re a HERO for the Immigrant community and other communities as well. On every meeting that we had it was one more chance for me to learn more about my role model. YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL. It was a huge pleasure to meet you. In the next years I would love to be part of Giving The Glam, I want to be one of those smiles creators. God bless you and all your amazing team. Sincerely!
Sucre Figuereo
BINCA - 2017
Give the glam was the best thing that happened to me because I get the opportunity to meet an amazing woman who is willing to help other. There is no words to describe how much you did for me. I will never forget this experience and you.

Te amo!
Ida Alves
BINCA - 2017
One thing I learned from Mrs. Maristela Rapo is to give back. I want to say thank you for making my senior prom a memorable night. I will always remember how you reminded me of the beautiful black princess that I am. Thanks for everything you and your team have done for me.
Sherley Valeus
BINCA - 2017
I want to thank you so much for your time, energy, and effort to make our prom a great experience that we will never forget. I am so honored to meet someone who’s every giving and caring. You made me become the prom queen and have confidence. If I thank you from now until one year from now that won’t be enough. Thank you so much!
Fatima Ibrahim
BINCA - 2017
There is no words to describe how thankful I am for all that you have done for us! There’s a lot of people with big hearts in this world, and you are one of them. You took us in as if we were part of your family and you embraced us with your love, and kindness. Since the the first meeting you took care of all the details and you respected our choices and gave us great fashion tips that we will for sure use them for the rest of life. Because of you now I know how it is like to be a queen for a day! You gifted me with one of the most amazing days of my life, so I thank you again! Love!
Jessica Andrade
BINCA - 2017
I wanted to thank Ms. Maristela Rapo, her team and Ms. Nova for giving me the opportunity to join the program Giving the Glam and have the opportunity to go to prom. Thank to all of you, me and my friends had the most amazing night of the year, there are no words to describe for what you all have accomplish, It is just Amazing, Incredible and Extraordinary. There are only few people in this world that have the heart that you all have. I wish you all the best and thank you for everything you have done.
Andrea Taylor
BINCA - 2017
My experience with Giving the Glam has been wonderful. Getting into this program has been a dream come true. I didn’t know if I would go to prom this year due to financial problems my family struggling with, but Maristela and her team made it achievable. Feeling empowered, confident and beautiful on my prom night was an amazing feeling. Words are powerless to express my gratitude towards Maristela and her team. I’m so glad and honored to be part of this program. Sincerely!
Shelove Adelphin
BINCA - 2017
We didn’t only enjoyed the few hours of prom but also had a great day at the hotel with our friends, you and Giving the Glam team. I thought, I will miss the good part of the our day, the RIDE IN LIMO. But the Police officer gave me that opportunity as well. He drove my car and I rode with my friends on the Limo to our prom destination. It was a lot of fun and I will never forget your goodness for us. I will remember it as one of the best day in my life. Thanks again and I wish you continue the great work and bring smile to many faces.

Sayed Shah
BINCA - 2017
Thank you Maristela for everything you have done for me and also for my family. The day after day I went through my dress, clutch, and accessories and I was like wow. These are things that my parents and I wouldn’t be able to buy it for prom. I had a great time at prom because I felt I was pretty and with all that beauty, my confidence and energy got boosted up to have more fun than usual because that was a very special day for me! There are no words to describe my gratitude to you! You’re amazing and awesome. May God provide more and more to you because people are being blessed with what you are going.
Carla Miranda
BINCA - 2017
I want to thank you and the Giving the Glam staff for this amazing opportunity and all the hard work you put into getting me looking glamorous. My experience with the program was extremely amazing and exciting. You made me feel welcomed, you treated me like a queen and as a matter of fact made me looked like a queen. I remember having hard time to choose between the black and the red dress, but you knew exactly that the gold and black dress will looked amazing on me. You have the gift to see beyond what I thought would look better on me. At the day of the prom, the final look was fabulous. The makeup, the hair, the pedicure and manicure, the dress all looked gorgeous. I really appreciate your time, your kindness, your sweetness to made the prom day feel like a dream come true. I had such a great experience with everyone in the program. Thank you for the other things I don’t mention. It is highly appreciated and a time that I will never forget.
Johana Sainma
BINCA - 2017
At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t planning to go to prom, because I could not afford the dress and everything else. I remember when my sister Halima told me that we got selected for the Giving the Glam, I was very happy and I already had imaginations for prom and the dresses,I was so excited. Since I met Maristela I was so glad that I met someone like her, very nice, kind, open minded loves everyone and her job. The staff were all friendly and putting their effort to make us to look beautiful and had the best choice for us. I am very thankful every single thing that Maristela and the Staff did for me. I am also thankful for Ms. Nova for organizing us everything from November to May. and lastly but least thanks to the police for selecting our school. I learnt a lot from them, I hope one day I can give back what Giving the Glam gave us.
Amal Ibrahim
BINCA - 2017
My prom day was amazing! Thanks to Maristela, I felt important and beautiful. I would not have had the opportunity to have such an amazing and special day without Giving the Glam, and for that I am forever grateful. Love, thank you!
Aleaya McFarlan
(METCO) Dover/Sherborn High School - 2017
I would like to say thank you for everything that you have done for me. I appreciate the amount of effort that you and your team committed to the Sharon girls. It really touched my heart when you surprised me with my prom date’s tux, I was actually going to cry but I didn’t want to ruin my makeup. Honestly, I thought I would never go to my prom but you gave me hope to carry my head high and made me feel beautiful when I was all dressed up. Without you I would never believe that prom was the best day of my life! Thank you!
Kiara Pires
(METCO) Sharon High School - 2017
My experience with the Giving The Glam was one I will never forget. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful experience. Thanks to Giving The Glam, my peers and I were able to look drop-dead gorgeous for our Junior Prom. That night my peers and I stood out in the best way possible. When we walked into the Prom Hall, all eyes were on us the entire time. Thanks to our stunning appearances that were given to us by the wonderful Giving The Glam team. Through the whole experience we were given a confidence that allowed us look and feel amazing, and that’s all thanks to the amazing Giving The Glam program. Without Giving The Glam I don’t believe that I would have been able to have as good of a Prom experience as I did or look half as gorgeous as I did. – I would like to thank Mrs. Maristela and her entire team for making my Junior Prom, an event that I will never forget.
Alliyah Marshall-Oates
(METCO) Sharon High School - 2017
Thank you very much for providing me with this prom experience. I wanted to say that this experience made me feel very beautiful inside and out. I never thought that I would be going to prom and feeling as happy as I did. Even though I was awkward and very shy, you made me feel welcomed and not shy about myself.You are a very kind person and I love you for that. I hope other girls will get to enjoy their prom experience as much as I did, with you. Best!
Ionya Whyles
(METCO) Sharon High School - 2017
Hi my name is Aleeka Morris and I am writing this email to tell my experience about participating with Maristela Rapo and the rest of the giving the glam crew. I love what Maristela did for us in the program and I want to do it again every day for the rest of my life. I can’t wait for next year, my last year.
Aleeka Morris
(METCO) Sharon High School - 2017
My experience with Maristela was quite a plesant one and she was able to help me get a tuxedo even though she helped me a few weeks before my prom.I enjoyed having her help me get ready as my friends and i liked how i looked. She is fun to work with and i would recommend having her help you with prom. Love, Thank you!
Sapaleto Murphy (xoxo)
(METCO) Sharon High School - 2016
My experience with Giving The Glam was amazing. When first learning about how it works, I thought i wasn’t gonna enjoy it. Although Mrs. Rapo change my mind about everything. She showed me how terrible it would be to wear sneakers with a dress would be, and telling other people about your dress may change your opinion on yourself and how you look. Thank to Mrs. Rapo I had the best time dress shopping, and had an amazing time at prom because I wore something that i liked not what everyone wanted me to wear. Mrs. Rapo made me feel like the most beautiful girl at the prom. From being someone that never wears heels to rocking them four a whole night. Giving The Glam gives you the best prom experience you could ever have. Thank you!
Imahni Bruno Reeves
(METCO) Dover/Sherborn High School - 2016
I would like to start off by saying how grateful I am, and there is no way I will be able to show you how thankful I am other than giving you all of my love!! But I could not believe how great of an expirence this whole process was, starting with the picking of the dress, to the fitting and finally to the actual prom day! It was all beautiful, and I couldn’t of asked for a better day. My dress was perfect, my make-up was “on fleek,” and my hair -well I don’t usually brag but it was POPPIN’. I enjoyed the presence of the entire team, it was such a fun environment and they all truly were there to make this the best day for us. It may have been a little awkward at first because I did not know anyone, but as the day went on I was able to make friends. Although there were also a few mishaps with the hotel; I am glad we were able to find an alternative as quickly as possible! This has been an amazing expirence, not only were you able to give me an amazing prom, but it has had a big impact on my life moving forward. Hopefully I can do this again next year, thank you for everything. Love, Thank you!
Gloria (xoxo)
Dr. Regional High School - 2016
I want to thank you as well as the Giving the Glam program because you all did so much for me in just one day. I’m going to be completely honest, it was just a one day experience, but it felt like a life time experience. During my experience with the program, I had so much fun and was also able to get something done that I didn’t even imagine myself being a part of, let alone get done by myself. With you guys stepping in and helping me out, I felt completely supported and knew that my prom experience would be one for me to remember. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart, Mrs. Rapo, to you and your team. Warmest Regards, Thank you!
Joao Teixeira
Madison Park Technical Vocational High School - 2016
I just want to thank you for touching the life of my son and other Weston High students. It was a day when you made everyone feel and look special and also made the parents happy to see their children introduced to a day of kindness and generosity. Everything was done with perfection, love and sincerity . Your staff was truly amazing. I just wanted to give you a genuine thank you.
Betty Palmer and Leo Palmer
(METCO) Weston High School - 2016
This spring, I was given the amazing opportunity to be a part of the 2016 Giving The Glam program. Initially, I was very nervous about involving myself in this program, and I know a lot of my other friends were as well. Now, I look back and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have wanted my prom experience to have gone any other way than it did this year. Ms. Maristela is one of the most giving, selfless, kind and generous people I have every met in my life. She has an extremely big heart, and she sacrifices so much of her time and effort to give girls like myself the memory of one of the best nights of our lives. Walking into prom alongside my other friends who were also involved in the Giving The Glam program was like stepping unto the red carpet right before a Hollywood award show. On the night of prom, I felt absolutely flawless thanks to Ms.Maristela and the rest of her glam team. Every single person who was apart of this program treated my friends and I with the uttermost, respect, love, and generosity. Not only did Ms.Maristela transform my friends and I into princes and princesses, but she taught us to have confidence, be brave, and to step out of our comfort zones every once and a while. Ms.Maristela and the rest of the Giving The Glam team; thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all provided me with one of the best nights of my life.
Imani Froston
(METCO) Weston High School - 2016
My experience with Giving The Glam program was truly satisfying because it was actually one of the best things that’s happened to me in my life. I was so honored to be apart of this program because it helped me become the young lady that I am today. It helped me feel more beautiful at my high school prom. I never thought I was going to look like “The Red Carpet” or “The Met Gala” because when I showed up at prom with all my hair, makeup, and prom dress, everyone was so flabbergasted and crazy excited. They admired my dress and my beauty the minute I walked in. And as a result of that, I won Prom Queen! When I was chosen Prom Queen, I was not only excited but so thankful for the way everyone looked at me, they all thought I deserved it, and also for the giving the glam team for helping me make this happen on the best night of my life. Most importantly, I thank Maristela for helping me just be the best young woman I can be and feel more confident about myself. This program gave me the opportunity to feel more self-assured and beautiful at best. Team GTG, Thank you!
Gabby Okeke
Blue Hills Regional Vocational Technical High School - 2016
When I was first heard about the giving the glam program I was nervous. Being the first person in my family to go to prom I didn’t know what to expect or how much it would cost. I don’t wear dresses, or heels, and I’ve never worn makeup before; I even told my mom that I wanted a long dress so I could wear sneakers. Then when I went to the meeting to sign up I told Mrs. Maristela how nervous I was so, she gave me the most welcoming hug. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met. The day I went to pick my dress out she met me with a smile on her face and ensured me that everything would be okay. She was so calm and never got frustrated with me, even when it came down to picking my last 5 dresses (which took about 2 hours). She helped me find the dress of my dreams. I have never felt so confident, I knew I would look like a true princess. On the day of my prom all I had was butterflies, but I trusted that Mrs. Maristela could help transform me. After getting all glammed up I got to take pictures with my mom, which made things even better. I couldn’t thank the giving the glam crew enough, they made my day perfect and helped build memories I will never forget.
Nakilah S
(METCO) Cohasset High School - 2016
My name is Janiah and the one thing I want to start of saying is Maristela has the biggest heart on the planet. There are not many people in this world that would take time and effort out of their precious day to help other people. You can never get your time back and to know one persons time was spent on giving the glam to teenagers makes me more than ecstatic. This program was a major confidence booster for not only myself but for the other kids participating. The moment that made me realize how special this program was was when i saw my mom tear up when seeing me. She knew that Maristela truly made me look my best and my family is forever thankful for that.
Janiah Jamison
(METCO) Westwood High School - 2016
This year, I was accepted into the givingtheglam program. Since the first day, I felt like a princess. When dress shopping, the givingtheglam team made me feel comfortable and shopping for the right dress became a fun and exciting task. I remember feeling special when I had found my dress. Maristela hugged me while cheered me on, and I could not stop smiling. The day of my prom, I felt like I had been given the royal treatment. The whole team made my experience a comfortable one I would recommend to any girl who wants some help for her prom. My prom night was amazing, and I feel a big part of that was because of how confident and beautiful I felt wearing a style personalized for me. I could not have done any of it without Maristela and the team. I am thankful for all of the love and support Giving The Glam gave me.
Lauryn Rivers
Newton Country Day School - 2016
I had a great experience with the giving the glam program. I am thankful for Mariestela and her whole team. Although the experience was short i learned about the importance of giving. I will be applying those lessons to the rest of my life. I would love in the future to be able to do a program like this. This program gave me confidence and also an opportunity of a lifetime.
Elizabeth Seton Academy High School - 2016
This year was my first prom in my junior year, with Maristela and Fashion Moi Moi’s help I was able to have the greatest experience. We were able to plan out everything smoothly and coordinate each time we met up, all the way up to the day of prom. Maristela and her crew helped me get a tuxedo with the colors that I wanted to wear that night. I felt amazing that entire night, with the setup and being in the tuxedo thanks to Maristela. She gives many an amazing opportunity, she is a true philanthropist. Thank you for everything!
Gianni Remy
(METCO) Westwood High School - 2016
Any parent and teen who has ever been apart of the prom process knows how expensive and stressful it can be. Whether its setting nail and hair appointments, picking out a dress, and/or developing the confidence to even go to prom, “Giving the Glam” eliminated all of these worries. I was put in good hands from the very start. After trying on 30+ dresses, I finally said yes to the dress. I was given a stunning clutch in addition to jaw-dropping heels that complimented my dress, so I was excitedly one step closer to the night that I had been waiting for. The day of prom, I was fabulously “glammed” up by skilled makeup artists and hair stylists. I truly appreaciate this program for all that they have done and continue to do. I can not thank “Giving the Glam” enough and I will forever cherish the memories of that entire day. I don’t get a chance to feel like a star like that too often and I encourage every male and female to experience this moment.
Kiki. D’s
(METCO) Sharon High School / Juniors 2016
My name is Alison. Even to this day, dressing up and wearing makeup was NEVER my scene. Thinking about prom didn’t get me as excited as it does for a typical high school senior. But this all changed when I was catapulted into the Giving The Glam program by my pressuring friends. Although picking out the dress and putting on the makeup still wasn’t as heart-racing, I still felt different. In a very good way. I’m no longer scared to try on dresses and am no longer self-conscious when I have to wear them to formal events. I’m not saying I’m all girly girl now, but I do definitely have a more feminine side to my being. Maristela and her program gave me the opportunity to take a risk, and one that I know I never would have been able to experience in the future. And for that I am grateful. The entire experience was fun and fulfilling…I got to see a whole new world and it was pretty awesome.
Alison Okeke
(METCO) Westwood High School - 2016
Ever since this 2015 began, prom had been on the mind of all the students in my grade. I however, didn’t really put much thought into it. It wasn’t until March when I met Maristela and the company ,Not only did Maristela help us pick out our outfits for prom, she gave us honest feedback on what looks good and what doesn’t: she wasn’t wrong. Maristela is so upbeat, very friendly, and overall just amazing. Because of Maristela, my expectations of prom were beaten greatly and I had an incredible time that night. I just want to thank you Maristela for all you have done and say you are the best at what you do.
Joseph Getachew
(METCO) High School - 2016
It’s me Rocco Carvalho and I am writing to tell you how grateful I am. A long time ago I wouldn’t think of going to prom since I didn’t find it interesting nor did I think I had the appropriate clothes for it. You made it not only possible for me to go but you also helped me pick up clothes that met my personality and my standards. You were really insightful on what went along with the colors I chose and what would make me stand out the most. For that I am really grateful and I hope you continue to do what you do. It’s something amazing and I think others beside me would think so as well. I wish you best of luck on your next project and keep up the hard work!
Rocco Carvalho
(METCO) Westwood High School - 2016
My 2015 prom experience was definitely the “nails done, hair done, everything did” experience that every girl wishes they could have on their wedding day (that’s right, their wedding day). To get compliments like “You look like that princess from that Disney movie” or “Oh my God, I didn’t even recognize you!” or simply “You’re beautiful” are not only nice to hear but they’re also empowering and they’ll make you feel a new confidence in yourself that you never knew you could feel. And that is exactly how I felt that night and how I feel today. I never even thought that I would attend my high school prom. I wasn’t the one to get all dressed up, or wear make up, or even do my hair up in the morning. I thought that it made me a rebel, a maverick, someone that didn’t care what others thought and was her own self. I thought that I was confident, but truth be told, I wasn’t as confident as I could have been. This all changed when I met Maristela Rapo, a woman who wouldn’t let her own predestined situation define her life, a woman that would serve as one of my biggest life inspirations. I learned a lot from Maristela: a whole bunch of fashion tips on how to achieve the “classy” (a word she uses very often, as I have noticed) look, and how to really take care of myself and my hair and how to orchestrate a great outfit; however, the lesson that I learned from Maristela, and her team and her family, the lesson that made the biggest impact on me was that about how to live my life. I learned that the most important thing that anyone can do, is what he or she can do for someone else. What she’s done for me, and all the other girls and guys who went to prom this year, is truly immeasurable. I am a Junior in high school now, and I am destined to graduated next year. When I initially met her, I was confused and lost and uncertain about what I was supposed to do with my life; but after getting to know her, now I know that life isn’t about being better or smarter or richer than others, its about being the best that I can be, and I’ll always appreciate Ms. Maristela for teaching me this lesson. My experience with Maristela and the Moi Moi Team was an experience that I’ll NEVER forget and that I will always cherish as a truly life changing one. I loved it.
Olivia Okeke
(METCO) Westwood High School - 2015
Fashion Moi Moi, Ms. Maristela, and her team have truly been a dream come true for me! From the first meeting, Fashion Moi Moi not only proved their impeccable taste and eye for fashion, but demonstrated their warmth and positivity as well. What sets Ms. Maristela and her team apart from others is the absolute dedication and effort they all put in to please their clients!! The whole team was completely patient with me as well throughout the whole process, withstanding waiting through a million wardrobe changes in the dressing room! Ms. Maristela throws her passion for style and fashion into even the smallest details such as finding the perfect pair of earrings and clutch to match my dress! With that being said,I must also acknowledge the excellent costumer service I received at New York Lace’s Bridal and Prom gown. Not only did they have the most beautiful dresses, they also posses a polite and helpful team! Ms. Maristela made sure to select dresses of my taste to try own but she also gently pushed me out of my comfort to try on amazing dresses that I would have never considered on my own! While Ms. Maristela is a obvious fashion guru, she is also a phenomenal woman and a pleasure to be around! Her strong work ethic, style, and intelligence all have inspired me to strive for nothing but the best. One day I hope to be as successful and loving as she is in the future! Ms. Maristela also took the time to give me honest and insightful advice during our one on one meetings, which helped our sessions become more comfortable and personal. I am more than positive that I will apply her words of wisdom to my life as I enter college this fall. I could have never wished or asked for another way to better end my senior year, than being given the opportunity to meet Ms. Maristela and all of fashion moi moi! From the bottom of my heart once again, Thank you Maristela Rapo and Fashion Moi Moi team!!
Kamina Nixon-Townsend
(METCO) - Weston High School - 2015
I really would like to thank you for everything you did for my boyfriend and I. I never thought we could ever look this fabulous for prom and you made our dreams come true. I enjoyed the process of being able to try on a bunch of dresses and being able to choose which one I wanted. I loved everything from the hair to the dress, the make also the shoes and jewelry. You are an amazing women and I can’t speak for everyone but I know for me this is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Because of you I was able to look amazing on my prom day and for that I am grateful. The pictures came out beautiful thanks to fashion moi moi, I will tell my family and friends about this wonderful journey that I got the chance to experience. Thank you so much.
Zahrea G.
(METCO) Weston High School - 2015
Working with Ms. Maristela and Abby was a great experience for me, both were very nice and didn’t treat me like a stranger. Although I came in cranky the first day they met me, not wanting to try on any dresses. I was Glad I had a open mind and found the dress for me. A strapless and I never wear strapless clothes, nor do I wear green. When I met Ms. Maristela’s daughter, Alex we instinctually clicked and I was very happy her family treated me like one of their own. I thank you both a lot for taking your time and patience with me and can’t wait till next year, for my prom. Im going to miss you guys a lot.
(METCO) Wellesley High School - 2015
First I would like to start off by saying thank you to Ms. Maristela and the entire Fashion Moi Moi Team! This spring I was introduced to Ms. Maristela and her amazing team behind her as they helped me to prepare for my Junior Prom. I was hesitant at first to participate in the program thinking that I wouldn’t get the full prom experience, but they did exactly the opposite of what I thought and went above and beyond of what I could even imagine. The whole experience was incredible, from the dress shopping at New York Lace to the beautiful hair and make up given on the day of the prom and everything in between! Ms. Maristela is the most caring and kind hearted person I’ve ever met, she has the biggest heart and will put anything aside to help someone else. What she did for me I will forever remember. I have found a new confidence, established new relationships, and lastly became more appreciative of everything that I have in life and remembered that is good to give back. To have met Ms. Maristela and her awesome team was one of the most memorable moments in my life and something I will never forget. The whole team and Ms. Maristela welcomed me with open arms and with the most loving personalities as I journeyed my way through the delightful experience. All the people that I have met along the way were so welcoming, kind spirited, and you could tell that they loved what they do. Ms. Maristela is amazing at what she does and you can tell that fashion is her passion! and she wants the absolute best for you. Whatever “Baggage” you bring with you, Ms. Maristela and her team are able to work with it and transform you from the inside out. If I had another opportunity to do this all over again I would do it without any hesitation. I enjoyed the whole experience and the people I met along the way. Without Ms. Maristela I would not have been able to experience this whole process, So a special and huge thanks to her and once again her amazing team! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you have done for my family and I, the experience was so much fun and is greatly appreciated.
(METCO) Weston High School - 2015
Thank you for all your help we had a great time. It was the most enjoyable experience that I’ve ever had. You did a lot to help me and Shania prepare to have the best night possible. We are very grateful for it because not everyone would did what you did. You are a very kind hearted person who wants to see others at there best. Thanks.
Boston High School - 2015
Maristela I am Kaleela Aunt When I seen Kaleela dressed for her prom I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she look and that dress was stunning and her makeup was flawless. I just want to thank you and your stuff you all are so amazing and you have a wonderful family.Maristela you have encourage so many of our young ladies and men you will always be bless so keep doing what you do and it was a honor to met you and your team. Thank you!
Barbara Walls
Maristela is an AMAZING person and fashion sylist. She told my daughter on her prom day she’ll be “RED Carpet Ready”, which she definetely made happen. I will never forget the joy in my daughter face on 5-15-2015. Thank you Maristela for making our daughter smile from the inside out….. You have no idea how much it meant to us.
Kay and Derek
My experience with the fashion moi moi team has been a great one! I could not be happier, everyone was sooooo helpful and friendly and kind and I just loved the whole thing so much and I am very grateful that I was able to be apart of it. I was exotic to find a dress that I loved and got me perfectly with Ms Maristelas help and the wonderful people at New York Lace, they have dresses for everyone!!! I am honestly so greatful to have been part of such an amazing experience and to have met Ms Maristela, she is an amazing woman, she knows exactly what she’s doing and what she wants, she is the best at what she does. Her team is phenomenal, very helpful, friendly and outgoing. I felt very welcomed and delighted to be with such an outstanding team! Overall it was very very great time and I am thrilled that I was able to be apart of it, I was more than happy with the outcome for makeup and hair and everything was just excellent. A huge thank you to Fashion Moi Moi and everyone that helped out with the program, it was more than fun. Thank you again for everything.
Alexandria Anderson
I had my senior prom this year and I already had everything planned out that I was going to wear match my dress. I had already began to put my wardrobe together, then I met Maristela. She was so helpful and so kind throughout the whole process. When I first met Maristela, she greeted my family and I with hugs, she then proceeded to look at my dress then chose the perfect clutch to go with my dress and the best earrings. I thought that silver was the best color for my dress but she felt gold would go with it better, and it did and I couldn’t have been happier. I had bought silver shoes before her and I had met and we had to find new gold shoes that weren’t too tall, but had a slight heel. She found me a gold heel that was simply but still so classy and beautiful. She also found a shawl to go along with my dress wonderfully and chose what polish would look good on me as well. She managed to do all of this in just ONE WEEK. She wanted to make sure that my prom day was the best day for me, and she was able to squeeze me into an early appointment to get my makeup done for prom. My makeup was so beautifully done, I didn’t even recognize myself. I had my makeup done around 9 in the morning, and it lasted me all day and night just like she said it would. When I arrived at prom, no one recognized who I was until I told them. Maristela made me feel like a princess and makes me want to do prom all over again. Maristela is a life saver and a blessing and I’d like to thank her and everyone else that helped me on my prom day. You all made prom the most unforgettable day of my life and I’d like to thank you for that. Maristela you are amazing and I hope to see you again soon.
Shalese R.
This year I attended my Senior Prom, and it was amazing. I could not have done it with out the help of Maristela and Fashion Moi Moi. She was able to style me from head to toe, and it was magical. I had a wonderful experience throughout this process. I learned new inexpensive fashion tips for any occasion. I would like to thank Maristela for this opportunity, and for allowing me to feel and look like a princess on my prom night. I highly recommend Fashion Moi Moi to everyone who is looking for cool and new fashion tips and consulting. Picking out my dress was my favorite experience, it was beautiful and fit perfect for my body type. The accessories came together perfectly. My blue jewel crusted dress was paired with a statement bracelet, and a simplistic ring to match. What made my day all the more special was the amount of compliments I received for my dress, the admiration was endless. I felt and looked like a goddess on my special night and I owe it all to Maristela and Fashion Moi Moi, Thank you for everything.
Kimberly Goncalves
Dover / Sherborn High School - 2014