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Giving the Glam


As a child in Rio de Janeiro, Maristela Rapo knew first-hand what it means to grow up poor. In a favela, a neighborhood dominated by crime, she and her four sisters were raised by a single mother, a housecleaner, who sometimes was too ill to work. Her father wasn’t often in her life. Gangs fought outside their door…

Giving the Glam helps 100+ Students

Giving the Glam helps students get ready for their big day

WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Maristela makes a studio appearance in New York!

Talks about how Giving the Glam came to be and the impact it has on the students.


Giving the Glam: Making Prom Dreams Come True for Local Teens

The cost of a prom can really add up, especially once you take into account the dress or tux, shoes, maybe hair or jewelry, and the ticket. So, a local woman started Giving the Glam to make sure every teen could have the night of their lives.

Giving the Glam founder surprises Boston birthday girl

Giving the Glam helps students look and feel spectacular for prom.

WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Students will go to prom in style


Former Boston boutique owner Maristela Rapo grew up poor in Brazil and left school to work as a housekeeper.

She never went to her high school prom….

‘Giving the Glam’ Hosts Annual Prom Fundraiser

We’re coming up on prom season and a program called “Giving the Glam” is helping students who might be able to afford the prom a chance to take part in a memorable teenager memory. Founder Maristela Rapo and Boston Police officer Cynthia Brewington join Chris to talk about the program.

5 for Good: Former boutique owner helps prom dreams come true

Maristela Rapo has been making proms magical since 2014.

Giving The Glam

The Hub Today’s Melanie Platten talks with Maristela Rapo from Giving the Glam, a local woman who has made it her mission to give underprivileged kids a prom makeover. 

Updated: 7:56 PM EDT May 25, 2017

5 For Good: Local woman gives deserving students a prom night to remember

“Giving the Glam” helps dozens of seniors make forever memories

New England Serves: Giving the Glam

@brittanyglaser @producerk4 Giving the Glam believes that receiving individualized attention and feeling pampered can have a remarkable influence on a youth’s life. The participants feel confident, special and glamorous on their prom night and every day thereafter…