FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does Giving the Glam work?

Giving the Glam covers the cost of each student’s brand new gowns or tuxedo as well as professional makeup, hair styling, accessories, transportations and professional photography.

How do students come to Giving the Glam?

We work closely with Community and the school-base-programs they help us identify students who would benefit from our program.

Do you accept donations of previously worn gowns?

No, we do not. While we very much appreciate any offers of donations, we do not have a need for previously worn gowns. The Giving the Glam organization wants to offer every female participant the chance to attend prom in a dress that is uniquely hers.

Where and how do your participants choose their gowns and tuxedos?

We have our own showroom where participants who want to be dressed in a gown come to meet us. Here, they get to select all different kinds of gowns from Jovani Fashion, a brand we were lucky enough to partner with! For our participants who want to be dressed in a tuxedo, they meet us at Classic Tuxedo a store located on Newbury street in Boston.

On prom day, where do you help the students prepare?

On prom day we dress all participants in our Giving The Glam showroom which is located on 83 Morse Street Unit 4E, Norwood MA. Here, we help our students with the finishing touches for prom–everything from getting dressed and hair and makeup done to having gorgeous professional photographs taken. Browse through our image gallery to see photos from past events. And check out our videos to watch some prom day preparation in action!

How can people get involved with Giving The Glam?

There are many different ways people can get involved, from donating services or make a contribution. contact us we love to talk to you and see how we can work together.

Why this organization? Why prom?

In 2014, Alexis connected Maristela Rapo with the METCO coordinator from Dover-Sherborn High School, knowing that Maristela could use her fashion expertise to help a kid in need, and from there, Giving The Glam was formed. Maristela had worked in the fashion industry all of her life, therefore being able to change lives through fashion alongside her daughter, Alexis Rapo, is something special for her.

The Giving the Glam team believes that one night of glamour can lead to a lifetime of increased self-confidence. They hope to help impart that gift on as many students as they can.

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