Alexis Rapo is the daughter of Maristela Rapo and is the co-founder of Giving The Glam. She was never into fashion, she preferred playing soccer for her high school varsity soccer team at Dover-Sherborn high school where she is currently a junior. At Dover-Sherborn, Alexis is a part of the Student Council where she is a representative and has been for the past 3 years, as a representative she connects with all grades at the school and takes their concerns to the school faculty in an attempt to implement change. She is also a part of MARC and SADD, MARC is a group that helps bring the students of the school closer together as well as welcome new students.


SADD is a group that attempts to deter students from making destructive decisions that could ruin their futures, to do this the group comes up with ingenious tactics to get their messages across. Her career in Giving the Glam started without her really knowing. In 2014, Alexis connected Maristela Rapo and the METCO coordinator from Dover-Sherborn High School, and once they connected, Giving The Glam was formed. Due to her mother, Maristela Rapo, being an immigrant from Brazil, and coming from a similar background as the participants, Alexis has a close connection to this program and dedicates and volunteers her time alongside her mother helping, whether it be on picking gowns with the girls or fitting days, or the grand finale, prom day. Alexis loves helping make a difference in these kids lives!