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What We Do - And Why We Do It

Think back to when you were getting ready for your senior prom…you had to shop for a nice dress, go try a bunch of them on, feel the anxiety and indecision, then buy one and hope that you made the right decision. Then, there were the shoes…and the accessories… and the hair and make up. Or, you had to go out and rent a tux…and hope that you didn’t look too stiff or uncomfortable in it.

In the months leading up to prom season, the Giving The Glam team works closely with selected students and their families to ensure that individual prom needs are met. They get to chose from a wide variety of dresses and have hair and makeup sessions. On the day of the prom, each student receives personalized attention from the Giving The Glam team to every aspect of their prom experience.

Young women receive their prom dresses, accessories, hair styling, makeup and manicures.

Young men receive their tux rentals, accessories, haircuts and styling services.

Giving The Glam prom participants also receive:

Professional Photography to help capture and commemorate the event.

Professional Video to help make lasting impressions

Hotel to help our students get ready for the big event

Car Service to the prom – so our students can arrive in style

Since each student participant and prom experience is unique, the services we provide can vary.

Please contact us for more information about our services and our prom program….

givingtheglam.org…or, maristela@givingtheglam.org.

But in the end, it’s not so much about the clothes, hair and makeup as it is about the rite of passage. From the young person’s point of view, it’s the opportunity and experience of a lifetime.